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By using CS:GO Raffling, you are agreeing with those Terms of Service and you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. If you don't agree with these terms of service, you are not allowed to use

You need to be at least 18 years of age to use the website.

Item Prices
We are currently using our own price API. We cannot always have the right prices, but we are trying our best to have our prices consistent. Since we cannot take patterns into account, the valued price can be under the actual item value. Playing on CS:GO Raffling implies that you fully accept our prices and understand there will be no refund in case of a price issue.

When you confirm your offer, you have no guarantee for it to be put in the current round. We will not give anything back if you were not put on the round you wanted.

Allowed items
CS:GO Raffling only allows CS:GO items to be deposited. We reserve the right to refuse any item. We do not accept Souvenir items because their prices are not constant. Always play safely. Don't bet items you are not willing to lose. Once your bet is confirmed on the site and the offer is accepted, it cannot be cancelled.

CS:GO Raffling takes approximately 10% of the total value of each round. It allows us to maintain the website. Those 10% (4~10%) are taken from the items so it can be slightly more or less.

Winnings are returned with trade offers. They are sent to the trade URL in the winner's settings. If this URL was not the right one when the offer was made and the offer was accepted, we will not refund any item. We do not guarantee that the items received by the winners will be exactly the ones from the pool. We only guarantee they will be the same skins with the same qualities, so they have the same value on our website. After the round you won closed, you have 1 hour to accept the trade offer with your winnings. If the offer is not accepted after 1 hour, it will be cancelled. Then, you have 3 more hours to contact us. If you did not contact us after those 3 hours, the items become ours and you will not be able to get them anymore. If you counter our offer, you will have 3 hours to contact us. If you did not contact us after those 3 hours, the items become ours and you will not be able to get them anymore. If you get in touch with us, we will send your offer once again within following 24 hours.
When support sends you the items you have 12 hours to accept the trade offer. After which, these items will be surrendered to CS:GO Raffling. These items may or may not be used for giveaways and promotions. If you decline a trade offer that is made to you, you are no longer able to receive your items. Make sure to accept trade offers in order to recieve items promptly and accurately.

CSGO:Raffling reserves the right to remove any user(s) from our website for any reason. Anyone trying to scam our users will be banned from CSGO:Raffling. Our bots will never send you friend requests. They will never request items from you. If someone tries to scam you, please report it to us.

CSGO:Raffling cannot be held responsible for any losses, you agree that you may lose your skins to other users and not get them back. You also agree that skins can be lost due failure to follow website rules.

Hourly events
From time to time we may lower our comission fees. But we keep the rights of taking around 10% comission fee as promised without doing any announcement. And with playing on CS:GO Raffling you are totally accepting our 10% comission fee.

Bets are Final
All bets are final. We are not responsible for returning cancelled bets if they are not cancelled in time. We have no control over steam servers and their cancelling service. If bets are not cancelled in time they will automatically go to the winner of the pot they were in.

CSGO:Raffling may revise these Terms of Service from time-to-time. Revised Terms of Service will apply from their date of the publication on this website.

Law And Juridiction
These Terms of Service will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the European Union, and any disputes relating to these terms and conditions will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of European Union.